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Trial Logistics

"We need a war room to prepare for our case before trial."

EDS provides Trial Logistics support to set up your home base for trial preparation, from space and furniture to state-of-the-art electronic equipment.

Our services and consultation don't end with the delivery of reports. Through years of experience consulting clients through litigation and observing the unique challenges and needs that presenting digital forensic evidence in court demands, EDS has created an all-inclusive trial logistics service that provides the physical and digital space needed to prepare for trial -- leaving you free to focus on the bigger task at hand.

We discuss your unique needs and provide logistical solutions.

Many of our clients often face logistic challenges when finding a dedicated space to prepare for trial, being located in a remote area or lacking the office space or adequate technology. Your consultant, familiar with the scope of your case, will assist you in creating a temporary office space for your trial team to focus on work.

We provide a "situation room" perfectly tailored to your case.

EDS goes into action to procure and stage a temporary "war room" for your legal team according to your specific needs. These services include office space planning, furniture acquisition, and the provision of computers, printers/scanners, projectors, and dedicated internet service. We will even set up and break down this space for you, and remain on-hand for consultation with 24/7 onsite technical support.

Your team can work free of distractions, armed with the right technology.

Every legal case requires full attention -- especially those with forensics involved, that often arrive suddenly and deal with new territory for many companies. And with the number of consultants and digital evidence involved, working from your traditional office can prove stressful and counter-productive. With a fully-outfitted, dedicated space from EDS, your team is set up for success with the security of our forensic consultants backing you up every step of the way.

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