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Managed Review

As data volumes continue to increase, document review can be a daunting task with little margin of error. Implementing a repeatable workflow designed around your case and data set is key to efficiency and defensibility. Without a proper game plan, evidence can be missed or rendered inadmissible, and you might face court-imposed sanctions — all of which can jeopardize the outcome of your cases.

We build custom workflows that cover every possible scenario, our managed review services ease the internal stress and worry. We use proprietary processes and we have vetted strategic partnerships with established attorneys and document review staffing firms across the United States to provide dedicated,  licensed contract attorneys. They, along with our expert project management, can not only expedite the process but also help you meet judicial compliance and court deadlines.

Technology is a cornerstone of efficient document review. The faster key facts are located, the sooner you can start building a case strategy. Our managed review workflows utilize easy-to-use visual analytics, concept clustering, and advanced predictive coding in Eclipse to reveal key facts fast and with more depth than standard review methodologies. Key documents and document concepts can be pinpointed within days of a review starting and document decisions per hour skyrocket with the ability to:

  • Defensibly remove non-responsive documents with the use of a technology-assisted review

  • Assigned clusters or categories of potentially responsive documents to the appropriate reviewer

  • Make decisions on the entire family of documents and email threads

  • Identify near-duplicate documents and review only changes from the master document


Our experts, we can create a team of licensed attorneys with almost any skill set or subject matter expertise needed. Our team can be compiled with French, Spanish, Japanese, or a multitude of other languages speaking attorneys – when language proficiency is a requirement, we can locate document reviewers that are trained and ready to join our teams. Further, we can develop legal document review teams with substantive knowledge in the following areas: banking and financial services,  pharmaceuticals, insurance, telecommunications, technology, agriculture, transportation, oil and gas, securities, and more.

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