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Incident Response

"Help - data is missing from our servers!"

When incidents arise, our experienced team enters to respond, restore and prevent your business from further digital vulnerabilities.

In today's digital world, companies in all industries may encounter different types of cyber threats, from invasive malware infiltrating company servers, encrypted data by hackers, or other security breaches. EDS' incident response services are not only reactive but also proactive, combining over 25 years of network engineering, software development management, litigation technology management and digital forensics expertise with a keen understanding of measures your company can take to prevent possible vulnerabilities in the future. We react quickly to assess the situation, restore continuity to your business practice, and provide you with forensic evidence of the attack for use in litigation.

We assess the situation and provide a path forward.

When contacted by our clients, EDS verifies that an "incident" has taken place and assesses the situation from all angles. While ensuring that your business continuity is maintained, we provide a detailed estimate of the damage and cost of containment efforts to give you a clear pathway forward.

Our expert team conducts thorough forensic analysis

Once we work with our clients to determine the best path forward, we immediately go to work discovering and preserving the forensic evidence of the breach or incident through digital forensics, eDiscovery, penetration testing, malware analysis and forensic data analysis.

EDS consultants leverage collective experience from over 25 years in the industry in the architecture of IT security policies, response strategies, implementation of software applications on enterprise networks, threat & vulnerability assessments, and ISO compliance for your business.

We provide a proactive approach to cybersecurity

EDS doesn't simply react to the original incident we are brought on to investigate. We take a proactive approach during our investigation to help identify past and current areas of improvement with threat and vulnerability assessments.

We are dedicated to the education and empowerment of our clients regarding their unique cybersecurity challenges. Our clients are kept informed through every step of the investigation by your dedicated team, arming you with information to make informed decisions to protect your servers and data.

Our team presents forensic evidence and analysis to inform response

At the close of our expert investigation, EDS provides our clients with a thorough report of the incident, including forensic evidence of the attack, logs of infected computers or servers and other pertinent information. When necessary, we work with law enforcement if a prosecution is possible.

In addition to our expertise in digital forensics, EDS has extensive experience with law enforcement support, International Trade Commission (ITC) trial experience, and expert witness experience in a multitude of cases in various industries. The results provided at the conclusion of our investigations are created with a clear understanding of our clients' litigation needs, which we follow through with our dedicated trial logistics services.

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