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Digital Forensics

"We need evidence to take to court."
Our knowledge in digital forensics will assist you when you need admissible evidence in court

EDS provides forensic analysis & expert witness testimony that reveals the truth about our client’s case.  Our proprietary remote collections process is cost-effective, defensible and predictable. Whatever the casework, EDS has an expert that can evaluate the digital evidence. Our team of experts have backgrounds in law enforcement, military, and private sector work.

We determine the individual needs of your case.

We know that each case is unique and that each client deserves a tailored approach to digital forensics. We meet with each client to establish ourselves as your dedicated consultant and to determine the specific details, variables, timelines, and challenges to present in your case -- whether you are pursuing or defending legal charges.

A dedicated team of experts conducts forensic investigations

Whether you require data preservation, location of deleted files, prove copied data onto external drives, prove cyber bullying/stalking, or locating the origin of malware, we are prepared to manage your forensic investigation with professionalism, skill and efficiency. We provide a unique team of forensic experts on each case, to apply their specific skill sets to your forensic investigation on any device -- cellphones, laptops, cameras, networks, servers, and portable hard drives.

We provide you with professional, detailed reports for use in court

Throughout the investigation, our forensic experts maintain accurate and compliant documentation of findings, evidence, system logs and all other relevant data. EDS then provides a comprehensive investigation report of our findings, complete with analysis and consultation for how to proceed with the results in the litigation process.

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